Hulu’s Bringing Its “A” Game But…


smashedTV_smallADOTAS – Hulu’s sales team is actively subverting the ad sales of its parent companies that are also trying to sell ads for their shows on Hulu, according to a source at one of the parent companies. According to a source of the Silicon Alley Insider, Hulu’s ad sales team is “cutting rates,” so its ad prices are cheaper. Hulu is also building different, more innovative, ad products than its parent companies like FOX, NBC, and ABC.

The problem is that Hulu’s entire operation depends on their exclusive access to these media giants. But the bottom line is, two years after it launched, Hulu and its network parents are still trying to figure out their awkward relationship.

Many have speculated this tense relationship will go the way of a hollywood marriage. But Hulu doesn’t appear to be going down without a fight. The Silicon Alley Insider source was asked if it was a simple matter of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. His reply, “The left hand is trying to chop off the right hand.”


  1. Internal channel conflict is always difficult, especially when it comes to undercutting on price for what that appears similar to the advertiser/agency. I know this from first hand experience. That said, if Hulu is competing on innovation, then more power to them with learning opportunities for the parent companies. We can all learning from our children. In the end, though, children should listen to their parents and content is king, without which, what does Hulu really have?


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