FASHION 2.0 LUXE VS. MASS – 3/23/10


Fashion 2.0 Luxe Vs. Mass

Date: 3/23/10 – 6 pm

Location: Audrey Lounge – W Hotel The Tuscany, 120 E 39th St, New York, NY

Cost: $15


In the March Fashion 2.0 panel, sponsored by we will look at the different ways high end, mass and emerging brands use the online space to market and sell their products on the web. We will try to find the differences in their approaches, in their use of social media and e-commerce. Some of the questions to be asked: How do the emerging designers utilize the new tools to jump start their brands? What are the challenges mass brands are facing online? What are some of the e-commerce channels that work best for each group? How do they monetize social media? Have any online insights affect their price points? How do they differentiate themselves from others in the space? In what ways has the recession economy changed their approach online?

1. Rafe Totengco – Designer, CEO, Rafe NYC
2. Kerry Bannigan, CEO, Nolcha
3. Aaron Mandelbaum, Big M Inc (Mandee, Annie Sez, Afaze).
4. Dave Cook, Director of Marketing, TheFind


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