Discovery Communications Partners With Pointroll to Launch DIG@TORIAL


clients_small.jpgADOTAS – PointRoll, a subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc., has partnered with Discovery Communications to successfully launch Dig@torial, allowing advertisers to integrate dynamic editorial content with branded advertising.

Dig@torial is a customized solution that combines the impact of PointRoll rich media and video with the quality of publisher online editorial content and video. The Discovery Dig@torial draws editorial and video content into an in- banner experience where users can interactively engage with both site and brand. Designed to connect consumers with Discovery content while providing marketers with the ability to integrate relevant product information, the Dig@torial increases user engagement and response.

“This important partnership has broad implications not just for PointRoll and Discovery, but for the whole advertising industry as greater relevance and targeting are now in play,” said Jason Tafler, CEO of PointRoll. “PointRoll’s Dig@torial enables publishers and brands to make an impression, seamlessly fusing customized site content with branded messages to bring together relevant and engaging content that inspires users to interact and respond. Dig@torial’s offer an opportunity to combine existing content from premium publishers with immersive rich media to create a new channel for advertising.”


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