Cascade Meetup: Buttons & Sprites

Date: 3/25/10 – 7 pm

Location: pariSoma Innovation Loft, 1436 Howard St., San Francisco, CA

Cost: Free


Learn the latest CSS + Web Design tricks and techniques.

CASCADE is all about bringing the web design community in San Francisco together. We have events with specialized guest speakers in San Francisco, bringing us up-to-date on design trends, standards technique while interacting with some of the most talented designers in the country. We will also have a meetup night where designers will bring their favorite web sites and explain why it works and what can be improved.

If you want to be on top of your game in your field, it’s important to stay connected with the right people. CASCADE can do that for you. Join today!

About this meetup:

“I will be leading a discussion regarding CSS Buttons, Sprites, and possibly Image Maps. We will begin the discussion reviewing some common uses and techniques. We will then move into discussing styling various different buttons and how to display and manage sprites.

If you have a project or example you want to share, I encourage you to bring it or have a link to your project.

Feel free to email examples or projects you may want to discuss or display. There will be wifi at the location, yet it may help to have your code offline too just in case. The slides will be available via Google Docs.”


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