Brightcove Offers Flash Alternative Before iPad Launch


ipadloveADOTAS – Annoyed yet by that incessant tapping? Don’t worry it’ll be over next week when the iPad arrives at doorstops and stores, so tech junkies as well as anyone involved in digital marketing or publishing can stop tapping their fingers in anticipation.

Apple has confirmed that the tablet device is starting to be shipped out and 221 Apple Stores (plus “most Best Buys”) will have the hotness on sale at 9:00 a.m. sharp on Saturday. Apple will also assist in setting up the devices and host workshops to teach new users how to operate them.

I wonder if there will be lines of people camping outside of these outfits — I might show up at the Apple Store in Chelsea in my Darth Vader costume and plead confusion.

The pre-release surveys are numerous — the NPD Group reports that those most excited (82%) about the iPad are… People that own other Apple devices. That’s… not shocking in the least bit — Apple breeds fanaticism, which is awesome for sales. Thirty-seven percent of those confessing an interest in the iPad cited “liking the Apple brand” (oh please, these people sleep with their damn iPhones — it’s L-O-V-E) as their chief driver.

According to NPD, the other demographics that are hot for iPad are consumers with $100,000 or more in income (80%) and 18-34-year olds (78%). That would seem to corroborate the notion that it’s merely a toy at this point — however, those are two demos that marketers covet.

Focus groups with consumers and media buyers conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates concentrating on the advertising implications of the iPad discovered that the potential for functionality — such as animation, video and other user interaction — will lead to users paying more attention to ads, especially those within digital print media such as magazines. “The immersive rather than ‘click’ experience will drive deeper engagement with advertisements,” Magid reports, citing the larger screen as a propellant. However, the firm noted that the prospects could be dimmed by the lack of Flash.

Well, if Adobe is going to screw the pooch on that front, other companies are going to pick up the ball. Enter Brightcove, which will stream its content in HTML5 video when servers detect an iPad. At the moment, HTML5 — an open standard well-immersed in Apple devices — can’t compete with Flash on several fronts, including supporting advertising, audience measurement and social sharing, but Brightcove CEO Jeremy Alliare claims the HTML5 will reach full parity with Flash by the end of the year. TechCrunch notes that YouTube has also been pushing in this direction.

In other words, everything is ready and set — we’re just waiting for the go to see if the iPad is the next tech revolution or a big load of… hype.ipadlove


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