Arbitrary Be Thy Name, Facebook Ad Eval System


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – It’s a repeating nightmare of mine — I log into Facebook and an administer rejects me. Why? Apparently I’m irrelevant to the social mediascape. But I have so much more to plant on Farmville…

Some lead-generation and direct-response marketers using targeting techniques have already seen this nightmare come true as ClickZ has learned that Facebook has incorporated an evaluation program that will decline ads if they loosely include user profile attributes. If the targeting aspect isn’t deemed relevant to the actual product or service — DENIED.

The semi-automated, semi-human-operated (it’s a frakkin’ cylon!) process decides if an ad is legitimately targeted to a locality, gender or age demographic. Sound pretty arbitrary? Several marketers report are that their ads with profile-based copy have been rejected and that their click-through rates and conversions have nose-dived.

But the affected advertisers aren’t ready to whip out their pitchforks, light the torches and angrily march toward Castle von Facebook yet. Sure, they’re complaining, but there seems to be a general understanding that this is part of the site’s growing pains in accommodating both users and advertisers.

“We are not actually going to know the outcome to all of these policy shifts until they are done,” Oz Sultan, executive advisor for Perks Consulting, told ClickZ. “We are just kind of getting the ‘bear with us’ [talk] right now.”


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