AppNexus Officially Launches Ad Platform Fueling the Real-Time Bidding Revolution in Display Advertising


mic_smallADOTAS – AppNexus announced the launch of its advanced ad platform specializing in real-time advertising on March 12th. The platform, chosen by eBay as its display advertising technology partner, integrates eBay with all the major inventory sources to execute and optimize its real-time media buys.

eBay has been working with AppNexus in beta for more than a year to ramp up its display ad buying and buy across inventory sources.

“Working together with AppNexus, we have found that we can get ‘search-quality’ results from display advertising and that’s a new world for us,” said Matthew Ackley, Vice President, Internet Marketing and Advertising, eBay. “AppNexus allows us to take advantage of the new efficiencies, control, and real-time insight in display ad media buying from one central gateway.”

“eBay fueled the real-time bidding revolution, serving the very first server-side, real-time impression ever,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of AppNexus.


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