AdWords Marks the Assist as Well as the Score


funnel_smallADOTAS – With March Madness going on at the same time as South by Southwest, I wasn’t able to keep on top of my bracket this past weekend. Coming from a basketball family (every male and some females are well over six feet tall), this is blasphemy and I will be roundly ridiculed at the next reunion.

In my b-ball heavy upbringing, an essential lesson to learn was the importance of teamwork — something that even shows up in the stats in terms of “assists.” Google has decided to add a similar stat to AdWords via the Search Funnel feature now in beta, which gives assist credit to clicks and impressions while measuring the path to conversion.

Search Funnel provides seven reports, including “Assisted Conversions, “First and Last Click Analysis,” “Time Lag” and “Path Length.” The new tool measures the conversion path from Google search ads via both clicks and impressions. It shows which ads customers clicked on before the magic one that led to conversion, as well as the number of impressions viewed, the search queries that brought up the ad and the the time between each step.

Search Funnel is being rolled out over the next several weeks in the “Conversions” section under the “Reporting” tab. To activate the feature, users must run AdWords Conversion Tracking or import goals into AdWords via Google Analytics (but be aware that Search Funnel is not available in Analytics. At the moment, data is limited search ads on and the time period covers 30 day. Search Funnel will only display data for keywords that appear in at least one conversion path.


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