SlideShare Launches Branded Channels


crowd_small.jpgADOTAS – B2B marketers are quickly discovering the potential of social media, with Twitter being a favorite — discovered that 73% of companies had accounts with the microblogger.

But what do B2B companies really excel at? Presentations. Powerpoints. Slideshows. And offers them the chance to transmit those virally all over the social mediascape. If LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect, CEO Rashmi Sinha said, then SlideShare is the place for people to connect over content.

The site is introducing a new advertising product called Channels, which can work to marketers’ gain in two ways. Brands can sponsor a certain topic or section — Sinha mentioned that virtualization is quite popular — or can create their own page, something similar to a fanpage on Facebook.

It’s a custom-branded microsite — the page can be designed with logos and graphics and uniquely organized to a brand’s specification. In addition, with Channels a brand can encourage users to upload their own related content to mix with the branded content.

“Clients like having their own branded look, it shows they’re integrated deeply into the slideshow community,” Sinha said.

Channels joins two other advertising solutions introduced last year: Leadshare enables businesses to collect leads through presentation downloads or other calls to action, while Adshares offers targeted promotion of a client’s documents based on parameters including theme and geography.

Since launching two years ago, SlideShare has garnered 25 million unique visitors and 65 million pageviews. In particular, Sinha noted that the B2B segment is growing fast — a lot more companies, rather than individuals, are joining the service.


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