Rubicon: Viva la Publisher Revolution!


revolutionADOTAS – Too long has the online ad marketplace favored the bourgeois demand side to the detriment of proletariat publisher prices — it is time for publishers to embrace the technology that will set them free from the tyranny of demand-side pigs!

The Rubicon Project channels the revolutionary spirit with its new manifesto “Principles of a REVVolution — The Ad Server Is Dead,” which previews Rubicon’s new publisher-centric digital advertising technology and data platform. This platform will enable publishers to monetize content and data at every tier of inventory across all digital mediums with no geographic limitations.

“Working with companies whose real goal is to access more inventory on behalf of their own advertisers isn’t in the best interest of, and may even be dangerous for, publishers,” said Frank Addante, CEO and founder of Rubicon. “Revising… legacy technology, upgrading it, and tacking on bells and whistles isn’t enough: publishers need technology designed specifically to meet their needs.”

In addition, Rubicon’s updated platform will offer automated demand access, self-serve ad sales, a centralized data platform and pricing and intelligence controls. Yield and channel management are available as well as brand, ad quality and malware protection. All features will apply across the digital media spectrum, including web, mobile, video and email.

The demand-side bourgeoisie was too busy eroding the value of publisher inventory to comment.



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