Rosy Fourth Quarter for [x+1]


x1.jpgADOTAS – Is that [x+1] looking all smug there in the corner? Well, I guess they have some reason to grin as fourth quarter revenue jumped 62% over the prior year. New Fortune 500 business and increased orders from existing customers helped fill [x+1]’s coffers at the end of the year.

The company also credited the release of Open Data Bridge, technology that integrates consumer data from multiple sources for more precise targeting and audience segmentation, as major new revenue driver. Most recently the company launched the Media+1 targeting platform directed at agencies.

Chairman and CEO John Nardone hinted 2010 might be an even bigger year as several major partnerships are in the works. [x+1] will be hosting the NexTargeting Summit 2010 on March 18 in New York City, which will feature speakers such as Google’s Scott Spencer, Merkle’s David Williams and author/social critic Steven Berlin Johnson.


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