Publishers Get Premier Treatment From PubMatic


pubmaticADOTAS – PubMatic has upgraded its platform to “Premier,” offering a single dashboard for publisher’s sales and ad ops teams to manage revenue and glean insight into inventory and pricing on both guaranteed and non-guaranteed inventory.

The improved platform promises to deliver every demand source for non-guaranteed inventory through an impression-level auction that includes 400 ad networks, a giant swath of real-time bidders and insertion orders sold directly by publishers’ sales teams.

In addition, PubMatic aggregates data third-party partners such as BlueKai and eXelate to offer better audience insight, audience acquisition, and re-targeting. It also includes brand protection tools such as automated blocklist and malware detection, pixel identifier and real-time ad quality screening.

“Publishers have never had so much innovation and so many new opportunities to increase the value of their ad inventory and maintain control of their brand as they do today,” said Rajeev Goel, cofounder and CEO of PubMatic. “However, taking advantage of those opportunities can be complex without the right tools in place to simplify the process, and PubMatic Premier brings together the tools and services publishers need in one solution.”


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