Mpire Puts Ad Blocking in Clients’ Hands


armor.jpgADOTAS – Ad blocking is all the rage these days, whether semantic or contextual. Brands dipping their toes into the online water are less worried about showing up on a porn site (as was the concern in the “olden” days) but showing up next to scandalous content.

However, Mpire’s recent ad-blocking addition to its analytics suite, AdXpose, truly gives clients the discretion over the blocking capabilities. It enables companies to not only avoid inappropriate content, but also duck sites with fraud, under-performance and lousy placement. The company unveiled the new service at OnMedia 2009, where it was recognized as one of the top 100 private digital media companies for the second straight year.

Advertisers can block their ads from sites using numerous parameters, including engagement — if the content of the publisher doesn’t jive with the client’s wishes, AdXpose doesn’t serve the ad. In addition, Mpire is introducing real-time alerting for metrics such as geo, demos and impressions that will allow clients to optimize their campaigns as they run.

I ran into Mpire CRO Kirby Winfield at OnMedia 2009 and he gave me a bit more insight into the new features, adding that Mpire has been blocking ads for a while now. (And please forgive my camerawork — I’m getting used to the Flip Mino.)


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