Media Mixers: Flash Happy Hour


papparazi.jpgADOTAS – This week I went to a dark east village bar to attend my first Flash Happy Hour, which I have seen advertised all over the place but haven’t gotten my ass to until now.

I was a little confused when I first arrived at the bar, Whiskey Town, because it wasn’t overflowing with chatty, after-work industry people drinking away their daily stresses. The bar had a small, hip group of varied industry people who mostly looked like they knew each other.

Then I ran into a blast from the past, a friend from college who works at Radical Media who introduced me to Jesse Freeman, the founder of the event who informed me that he had only invited a few people this time around in celebration of, wait for it… his birthday.

So this was truly a special event and I already felt accepted into the friend fold. Jesse explained to me that the happy hour started as more of a meet-up style mixer where recruiters would come to recruit developers. Now about a year later, the mixer has sponsors and Jesse is trying to expand the social networking event to include many different types of developers.

The landscape of social networking parties has changed since the economic downfall and it is important for all industry people to get out and make professional connections. This party is fun, low-key and perfect for a tight-knit community of developers to exchange business cards and get their drink on.

[flash /misc/slideshow-2010-02-04.swf]


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