Looking for a Job? Look No Further Than Adotas


ADOTAS – classifieds.jpgIt’s hard out here for a pimp, Three 6 Mafia rapped a few years back, but in this economic decline it’s hard for everybody. Fortunately the interactive ad industry keeps chugging along with advancements in targeting, display, mobile — you name it.

So if you’ve got the skills, Adotas is the place to look for that right opportunity as this is where the insiders come to learn/gossip/play. We’ve just enhanced our job listings page to provide cleaner listings and a sweet search engine.

And digital marketers looking for help, why would you post a job anywhere else? Adotas is where the industry’s best and brightest debate and soak up all the news and views.

Check out our new, improved jobs page — it’s a renewed resource for the interactive advertising space.

Also, have you checked out our iPhone application?


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