iPad Launch Has Halo Effect on Apple Products, Laptops


appleADOTAS – While Adotas readers were underwhelmed by the release of the iPad, the tech buyers were apparently giddy as school girls according to the initial report of the eXelate indeX, a new trend follower from eXelate based on its behavioral data.

According to search queries on the websites of eXelate shopping partners, the announcement had a halo effect on Apple products, in particular — consumers seeking to purchase currently available Apple products rose by 27% on Jan. 26, the day Steve Jobs took his new toy out of the box.

But the introduction of the iPad also seemed to have an effect on eXelate’s “portable computing” category in general. There was a 31% increase in purchase intent for laptops on Jan. 26, which rose to a 57% on a weekly basis.

Comparatively, there was no noticeable bump in purchase intent in the tech sector following the release of the Google Nexus One two weeks earlier. However, eXelate is willing to give big G the benefit of the doubt since the smartphone was launched close to the holidays and right before the Consumer Electronics Show.


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