Growth and Hiring: Kitara Media Pushing Forward


kitaraADOTAS – Yesterday U.S. President Barack Obama claimed the economic stimulus package he pushed through Congress in 2009 saved 2 million jobs and averted a depression, but it’s hard to see anything rosy about this worldwide recession. Economists are wondering if Greece’s debt troubles could send devastating shockwaves through the rest of the European Union and even Wal-Mart is slashing 11,000 jobs.

We might want to thank our lucky stars that the online advertising biz seems to be a refuge from the morass — it’s not only stable but actually growing as exemplified by Kitara Media’s announcement that it’s opening an office in Hoboken, N.J.

“We’ve enjoyed amazing growth in the last three years and now it’s time to expand and take advantage of the exceptional talent available in the New York/New Jersey area,”  said Robert Regular, president of Kitara.

The demand-side platform and performance marketer has witnessed 300% growth year over year in the three years it’s been in operation. To bolster it’s current operations in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada, Kitara will be setting up shop in the Hoboken area and hiring over 30 people over the next 60 days in all segments related to display, search and affiliate marketing. Talent sought will include account managers, sales, media buyers, affiliate managers and traffic operations.

Disclosure: Robert Regular is the publisher of


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