Display Is So Stimulating to Search


survey_smallADOTAS – Call it a tease, but display certainly has a way of arousing search. That’s not a bad thing, Eyeblaster reports, as the two make a sweet couple — with numerous conversions ahead.

Analyzing extensive research that monitored 207 advertisers in 21 verticals running 1,300 cross-channel integrated search and display campaigns search and display campaigns between June 2008 and August 2009, Eyeblaster found that 72% of conversions resulted from the display channel while 28% came from search. In addition, 5% of those search conversions came after witnessing a display ad.

So what’s the take? Display rules while search drools? No, Eyeblaster said — consumers engaged by a display campaign will turn into searchers entering the sales funnel; thus, a display element expands a search campaigns reach and makes up for the limitations of keyword bidding.

“This data proves that cross channel synergy expands reach and brings greater scalability to digital campaigns,” said Ariel Geifman, a research analyst at Eyeblaster. “Display works at all stages of the funnel, bringing new prospective customers in, while search works on the lower funnel targeting those that already show interest.”


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