Bizo Enhances B2B Targeting With API


target_small.jpgADOTAS – “B2B typically lags the online advertising industry,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, B2B targeting platform and ad network. “It stayed in the offline world longer than B2C, we took longer to get into search and email. But the industry transition to display and targeting is happening now.”

To further this B2B revolution, Bizo announced the private beta launch of BizAudience API, which offers visitor data the moment they arrive on the site. A natural extension of its flagship platform, the API should help B2B marketers and publishers improve conversion rates and deliver more personalized experiences for visitors.

Bizo offers a proprietary database of more than 10 million marketers and targets more than 45 million business users. With the API, real-time demographics enable marketers to target advertising and landing page messaging to visitors based on their fields of expertise; for example, upon learning a visitor was a CFO, a marketer can choose to serve only finance-related content.

Through 2009, Glass saw Bizo’s business increase dramatically. In particular, he noticed a change in the questions he would receive from industry  representatives — instead of not understanding the point of B2B targeting, he found that clients were increasingly valuing the service.

Although he estimates that 80% to 90% of B2B advertising is still spent offline, the shift to online is occurring at a breakneck pace and he expects “explosive” growth in online ad spend over the next five years.

“The audience is spending way more time online, so the ad spend needs to catch up,” Glass said.


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