As Gmail Goes Social, Outlook Shall Follow


microsoft_small.jpgADOTAS – As buzz still circles Google Buzz, Microsoft will be releasing A public beta version of Outlook Social Connector (OSC) next week with partner LinkedIn.

The product was first announced back in November and will be part of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta. OSC adds an activity feed from your colleagues, linking to SharePoint 2010 and displaying updates in the new “People Pane.” Users will be able to connect with friends and business associates via Outlook courtesy of Window Live.

The LinkedIn partnership will enable users to find out what new connections they’re colleagues are making on the social networking site with a click.

Check out this link for a video tutorial.

The most popular answer in our Adotas poll the other day about Google Buzz was “You leave my Gmail alone!” Understandably, people are a bit worried about their favorite email server turning into a social hub.

But Outlook is more a business tool and the OSC seems geared to enhancing social business functions, right down to the partnership with LinkedIn. Will that make a difference in user reaction and adoption?


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