YuMe Hits Triple Play for Interactive Vids


video_small.jpgADOTAS – The newest fad with video ads is user interactivity, and YuMe has jumped on the trend train with its Triple Play offering.

Somewhat similar to Jivox’s new interactive rollover product, Triple Play adds an interactive menu with three options to the end of a five to 20 second ad. However, YuMe’s offerings are entirely focused on in-stream video.

Triple Play is the lates video ad innovation from YuMe, which in 2009 also introduced InSynch Video Takeover, which synchronizes in-stream and banner ads on a page, and PowerRoll DataConnect, which allows marketers to include an xml feed in an in-stream ad.

YuMe’s fourth quarter 2009 was its most impressive with more 2.5 billion in-stream ads served. The company boasted an average of 30 million in-stream video ads served per day in December 2009.



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