You’ve Come a Long Way, iPhone


IphoneADOTAS – It’s always the newborn in the family that gets all the attention, but even though the geeks are all cooing over the iPad, toddler iPhone also had an enhancement — developers are racing to get their hands on its new SDK.

Actually, the SDK is optimized for the iPad and developers want their apps up to the new device’s standards — iPhone couldn’t completely get out of the iPad’s shadow.

Still, considering the effect the iPhone has had on the mobile arena, it seems ridiculous that it was only introduced two years ago. AdMob examined the long way the iPhone (and the iPod touch) have traveled in such a short time in regards to ad requests on its mobile network.

AdMob notes that mobile advertising on the iPhone took off with the opening of the AppStore and the iPhone 3G and really hasn’t stopped. In particular, the the last three months on 2009 saw explosive growth as global use jumped and the App Store neared 3 billion downloads.

You may be in the spotlight now, iPad, but your senior has blazed an impressive trail — can you follow it? Improve on it?


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