Twitter Growth Lags, But Engagement Soars


twitter_smallADOTAS – After a pretty marvelous mushroom of new users in the first half of 2009 that set the hype machine on fire, Twitter signups have significantly waned. Last week Hubspot noted that compared to a global growth rate of  13% in March 2009 (it’s peak) to 3.5% in October (a nadir?).

It’s a pretty precipitous drop, as you can see:

I have an odd craving to ride a roller coaster now…

However, while its growth rate has slacked, Twitter users seem to be more engaged with the site than ever. Back in July, the average Twitter user followed 47 other Tweeters — that’s jumped to an average of 173. And your everyday Twitter account back in July only had 70 followers — now we’re at 300.

Of course that’s skewed by certain celebrities (I’m looking at you Kardashian, and I know you didn’t eat that Carl’s Jr. burger) and big brands — 82% of Tweeters have less than 100 followers and 81% are following less than 100.

Still, those signed up appear to be sold on the concept — Hubspot notes that in July only 31% of users had entered location data, 24% had entered a bio and 20% listed a web address. That’s jumped to 65% for location, 53% for bio and 41% for web address.

So maybe Twitter’s growth spurt is behind it, but those on the train are getting pretty comfortable.


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