Tumbling Into Apple Tablet Fanaticism


apples.jpgADOTAS – I had a girlfriend back in college who used to make hourly visits to As the Apple Turns, a website devoted to all Apple news, all the Apple time (apparently only the forums still survive now). She’d salivate over every tidbit about Steve Jobs, iPods and Powerbooks (this was in the dark ages of 2002). I was disturbed by my first experience with Apple fanaticism, which was far from my last.

Now I’m less puzzled by the phenomenon, just wryly amused as the tech geeks go nuts over release of Apple’s tablet today. No, I’m not nerd enough to live-blog the event, but I’m listening to live commentary on the event along with 22,000 others on TechCrunch — it’s slightly like a golf tournament, with less whispering and more self-awareness of the ridiculous of the spectacle.

“Apple tablet” was getting more than 250 tweets per second 10 minutes before launch. It’s hard not to salivate as even Steve Jobs considers this the most significant piece of technology he’s ever put forth.

There’s a lot of chatter about the potential for a media revolution, especially with print content. While some are postulating that the device may save newspaper and magazine publishers,  more likely new media forms that take advantage of the touch feature will appear — whether traditional media can adapt fast enough (their experience with multimedia has not been impressive) is a good question.

But the opening for advertisers is astounding. What will tablet ads look like? What kind of features will they have? Oh man, I’ve turned into one of the fanatics…

Finally Steve Jobs is on stage, touting Apple’s impressive success (it’s a $50 billion dollar company — whoa). It’s here, it’s here! The iPad! Oh my god, I’m hyperventilating…

And my mind is reeling from the potential for advertisers… To be continued…


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