The Year and Holidays in Click Fraud


fraud_small.jpgADOTAS – Two new reports out suggest that click fraud is still rampant; however, one company saw a surprisingly low percentage over the normally flagrant holiday season.

According to Anchor Intelligence’s Traffic Quality 2009 report, attempted click fraud accounted for approximately one in every four clicks across Anchor’s network. The rate hovered between a low of 18.6% in the third quarter and 25.7% in fourth quarter. The invalid click rate hopped between 23.2% in the third quarter and 32.1% in the fourth.

Anchor attributed the increase in fourth-quarter fraud attempts to increased activity designed at taking advantage of increased holiday ad spend.

The largest sources for attempted click fraud across Anchor’s in 2009 Vietnam, U.S., Egypt, Canada and Australia. For fourth quarter, Egypt had the highest attempted click fraud rate at, 38.7%, closely followed by Australia at 38.4% and trailed by the U.S. at 29.8%.

However, Click Forensics found that while the industry average click fraud rate increased to 15.3% from 14.1% in the previous quarter, the rate decreased year over year — fourth quarter 2008 saw a rate of 17.1%. Fourth quarter 2009 actually recorded the lowest click fraud rate for the four years that Click Forensics has been tracking the data. The largest volumes of click fraud outside of North America included the Ukraine, Japan and the Czech Republic.


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