Social Media Hot Destination for Leads


map_small.jpgADOTAS – Although Adotas readers disagreed, Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow suggested in October that a brand’s Facebook site is more important than its actual website. Pontiflex’s second “Cost-Per-Lead Advertising Data Report” suggests he might be on to something as leads are increasingly being directed to social media and community sites.

Pontiflex found that 48% of leads were used to push social media and community sites in the fourth quarter, an increase from 43% in the third. E-newsletters also saw a greater percentage of leads, rising to 26% in the fourth quarter from 23% in the third.

Free trials and subscriber acquisition both lost share in the fourth quarter, with 11% of leads going to the former (compared to 14% the previous quarter) and 6% headed to the latter (a 9 point drop from 15% in the third).

The overall cost of basic marketing leads increased by 31%, which Pontiflex attributed to an increased number of publishers with CPL offerings. Average CPL in premium fields dropped quarter over quarter, from $3.36 to in the third to $2.72 in the fourth. CPL actually increased between third and fourth quarter for basic fields, from $0.62 to $0.81.

The highest CPL in premium could be found in the entertainment vertical at $3.00, followed by health leads at $2.70. The lowest CPL was in market research at $0.52.


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