Rumor Mill on Fire With AOL/Mashable Merger


aol.jpgADOTAS – It’s the hot gossip of the online sector — what older firm, which just ended a turbulent relationship and is looking to rebound on its own, is courting a hot media site run by a dashing young hunk?

The big wheel of the rumor mill keeps on turning with whispers here and there that AOL is trying to engage Mashable, which apparently was crowned most popular tech blog on the Internet last year when it left TechCrunch in the dust.

It’d be a feather in the cap of AOL after its nasty split with Time Warner late last year — as its new Seed strategy is firmly focused on content (even if it is from the likes of TMZ), the hottest tech site on the net would perfectly within the new AOL. Adding fuel to the gossip fire is that neither AOL nor Mashable will comment on a merger — what are they hiding?

But it’s still rumors, rumors — the story comes from an anonymous source at AOL who talked to Gawker’s ValleyWag. And the author of the post seems quite infatuated with 24-year-old Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, who we have to admit is a handsome fellar.

An acquisition would likely hasten AOL’s recovery, something J.P. Morgan Securities’ Imran Khan doesn’t see happening until 2011. It’s gonna take time to “remedy a decade of lack of innovation” he told The Wall Street Journal — ouch.


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