Quick Hits: Dotomi and Qwik Media


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Dotomi has released a new attribution technology out of private beta. Using the company’s proprietary test-and-control methodologies, the solution measures the effect of display advertising and values each media channel strategically. In a 90-day test period, Dotomi found a 22% average improvement in all online media performance when run in tandem with a display campaign.

— Qwik Media Affiliate Network has introduced a few new programs to boost the monthly incomes of its affiliates. The affiliate referral program will pay a referring affiliate a 5% commission from the referral’s revenue for life. The cash back program will tag a 1% cash-back reward onto an affiliate’s payout if it meets the $2,000 per month minimum.


  1. Time after time I have to remove adware from your company while it slows my PC to a crawl and makes my lose Internet Explorer daily.

    Why and What do you need from me? How about just asking instead of fucking with my system?

    You and your kind make owning a PC crap these days and why we have to update all the time.

    Grow up and know it helps you not at all followering me.

    Reporting you ASAP!

    Emily Poole


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