Quick Hits: AOL Advertising’s Reach Still Reigns


punch_small.jpgADOTAS – Despite all the craziness at AOL this past year, AOL Advertising is still top dog when it comes to ad network reach in the U.S., comScore reported. AOL Advertising boasted a reach of 187 million U.S. Internet users in December 2009, an 8% gain on last year and about 91% of total U.S. users. Yahoo! Network trailed with a reach of close to 181 million (8% gain) while Google Ad Network took third with 178 million (9%). Microsoft Media Network U.S. was well-behind the triumvirate with 165.5 million, but had an impressive growth rate of 31% year over year.

— It may be cold outside, but Facebook is still hot stuff on the Internet. According to Nielsen, in November Facebook experienced gains in both number of unique U.S. visitors (109 million) and the amount of time they spend on the site (more than six hours). Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL, on the other hand, all declined month over month in both categories. While Google boasted the most unique visitors with 155 million, Yahoo! had the second-highest length of time spent on site with just a few minutes over three hours.

— With all those mergers going on in mobile, the email people were feeling left out. Even though it had already integrated Pivotal Veracity’s tools into its enterprise and on-demand offerings, Unica said what the hell and acquired the private company to further bolster email marketing software solutions. Price tag: $17.8 million, paid for in cash. Unica plans to keep on selling Pivotal Variety’s solutions that optimize delivery while minimizing the cost of emails that never reach their intended targets on a stand-alone basis.



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