OpenAmplify’s PinPoint Gets the Gist for Keywords


target_small.jpgADOTAS – Keyword targeting is often limited by its fondness for frequency. Not a lot of programs can read between the lines to get at the context of a page’s content — which is where semantic technology comes into play.

PinPoint, a new service from semantic web platform OpenAmplify, identifies the most pertinent keywords on a web page via semantic analysis. For websites that cover a variety of topics, PinPoint determines the most relevant by analyzing the semantic context of each topic through sentiment, intent and guidance signals

The solution can easily be used with any system that processes keywords, including ad networks, ad exchanges and publishers. In addition, PinPoint avoids arbitrary “categorization” decisions by forgoing taxonomy to determine keywords.

“Many companies now understand the value of semantic data,” said OpenAmplifiy CEO Mark Redgrave. “There is industry-wide interest in harnessing this technology, but few companies are in a position to quickly integrate, apply the data in a meaningful way and manage it at scale. We wanted to make it easy.”


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