Nexus One First-Week Sales Estimates Fail to Blow Minds


google mobile_smallADOTAS – What? Another extremely hyped phone — this one made by Google! GOOGLE! — is not the iPhone killer? That’s crazy talk!

Not according to some interesting statistics provided by Flurry, which tracks applications on about four out of every five iPhones and Android handsets. The mobile apps analytics provider measured new handsets within its system and adjusted for varying levels of application penetration to come up with an estimate of 20,000 Nexus One handset sold in the week since its introduction.

That pales in comparison to Flurry’s estimates for the first week of sales for the Droid handset (250,000) and the iPhone 3G (1.6 million).

However, the launch of the Nexus One was quite different than its smartphone peers, Flurry points out. Google gave the handset a “soft launch,” with advertising limited to its own website. Compare that to the $100 million tsunami perpetrated by Verizon in bringing the Droid to consumers. In addition, carrier partner T-Mobile provided less support than for the myTouch 3g launch (which sold an estimated 60,000 units in its first week).

But considering that Nexus One will be supported by Verizon in the spring (and possibly AT&T in the summer), first-week estimates are only so telling. Certainly Google has built up a fair deal of buzz — or at least curiosity — that it’s hoping will steamroll as the handset is introduced to more carriers.


  1. I really don’t see Nexus One becoming a huge hit, It is no where comparable to iPhone, yes it has its advantages, but it would just create a niche market and nothing more.


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