Google Kicks Off 30,000 Advertisers, Still Thrives


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – On Dec. 3, Google said “Thanks, but no thanks” to 30,000 advertisers, or 5.3% of its active advertiser base, in a momentous quality purge that started back in October.

In effect, AdGooroo reported that ad coverage fell 10% in December, dropping from 5.48 ads per keyword in November to 4.97 — this broke a 12-month trend of increasing coverage.

However, in its fourth-quarter search engine advertising update, AdGooroo considered it unlikely that Google’s management would enact such a widespread purge during a weak quarter. The move likely connotes strong quarter-over-quarter growth, the company surmised.

To buoy that hypothesis, AdGooroo noted that the top 80 U.S. retailers increased their spend on Google by 12.5%, from $264 million in the third quarter to approximately $298 million in the fourth.

Both traditional and online retailers had impressive increases in spending, with clothing, shoes, furniture and auctions showing the most spending. Weak categories in terms of spend included consumer electronics, office products, children’s goods and home decor.

Google boasted an 81% share of advertisers by search engine in December, a slight increase over November and well ahead of Yahoo’s 26.7% and Bing’s 11.6% share.


  1. Google kicked off 30,000 advertising sites who were effectively middle men. So now Google gets more ad spend direct from the brands rather than from sites that advertise multiple brands. Brilliant, but should be illegal. A little unfair trade, don’t you think?


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