Jivox Bypasses Click-Through With Interactive Video Ads


video_small.jpgADOTAS – Click-through video? Please, that is soooooo ’00s. In twenty-ten, we’re interactive.

Online video tech company Jivox one-ups click-through by offering all the information and choices viewers would need in the actual ad. The company allows its agency clients and advertisers to add their own Flash or HTML applets into video ads, be they banner or in-stream video ads.

Viewers rolling over a video ad are offered an interactive menu. Possible options are virtually limitless: Flash tours of car interior or request a test drive from a local dealer; maps pointing out the closest store; and quote requests for an insurance policy or home loan just for starters. Analytics measure the most popular interactive choices.

In addition, media companies can now embed Jivox’s in-stream ad plug-in to easily serve in-stream ads. These include full interactive capabilities as well as analytics.

“The Internet has changed from a passive medium to an active medium where you can go to interact and engage with information,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. “Our new interactivity and sharing capabilities tap into this shift, turning online video ads into powerful vehicles for direct response, social recommendations and immediate product discovery.”

Jivox recorded revenue growth of 600% in 2009 and introduced 3,000 new advertisers to its services. With a reach of 85 million unique monthly visitors, the company offers distribution to more than 1,000 sites.


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