Google Puts on a Party Hat for Data Privacy Day


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Happy Data Privacy Day! According to the Privacy Projects, a nonprofit organization dedicated to consumer privacy and data protection, Data Privacy Day is  recognized in the United States, Canada and 27 European countries.

The event is designed to promote privacy awareness, particularly among teens and young adults, through events at high schools and universities (many corporate-sponsored) and government initiatives such as the second Federal Trade Commission roundtable discussing online privacy today in Berkeley, Calif.

The grand finale will be an epic parade with floats, marching bands and a wrestling match between mascots Opt-In Cookie and Opt-Out Cookie. (OK, maybe I made that last part up, but the Privacy Projects should buy the rights from me because those mascots are gold, baby.)

Google refused to be left out of the fun — the company cemented its guiding privacy principles into the written word and bestowed them on users via the Google blog.

  • Use information to provide our users with valuable products and services.
  • Develop products that reflect strong privacy standards and practices.
  • Make the collection of personal information transparent.
  • Give users meaningful choices to protect their privacy.
  • Be a responsible steward of the information we hold.

The goal of publishing these guidelines is to inform users what’s going through the Google braintrust when the company develops new technologies. In addition, the blog ticks off privacy initiatives such as Google Dashboard, the Ads Preference Manager and the Data Liberation, and promises even more in 2010.


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