For Jumptap’s iPad Solution, (Screen) Size Matters


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Steve Jobs just took his iPad out of the box but Jumptap is already this close to introducing a mobile advertising solution that will be integrated into its current product. By the end of February, Jumptap will support iPad advertising units.

Though the company was not privy to the device before its launch today, Jumptap communicated with advertisers and developers and developed a outline based on assumptions. The iPad will also run all iPhone and iPod Touch applications.

Possibly the biggest advantage the iPad has is its large screen. While it has many of the same offerings for advertisers as an iPhone — such as location data, portability and applications — the rich media experience will be far more enhanced on the iPad, which will improve engagement dramatically.

Johar said that rich media advertising on smartphones has been extremely limited by screen size. “People forget how important sight, sound and motion are for engaging consumers,” he said.

The iPad will offer advertisers better brand engagement through its more accessible rich media and better direct-response ROI through click-to maps, the iTunes store and the like. Jumptap also believes it will change how people access and share digital content

According to Gizmodo, tablet will reach 10 million people in 2010, but Johar and crew are planning for a coming wave of devices as other hardware-makers catch up.

“Agencies want to reach consumers wherever they are — doesn’t matter on what device or medium ,” Johar said. “The iPad fundamentally makes it easier to engage.”


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