Facebook Unveils Yet Another Facelift


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – Facebook has had so many facelifts lately that it’s starting to look like George Hamilton (not quite the crazy cat woman… yet).

GigaOm recently offered a preview of some substantial re-tooling coming to the social media haven, and it looks like some users are getting a taste today.

In addition to a reorganized navigation bar that omits the “profile” link, settings and login will be relegated to an “account” dropdown menu and bookmarks will be available for users to link to their favorite apps and pages.

However, the notifications window and the app quick links, once a hallmark of the lower right-hand side of the browser has vanished.

Possibly the biggest development though is the search field, which has been dragged left to rest next to the Facebook logo. The techies some speculating about the growing importance of that feature in 2010. Already rumors abound about Facebook’s engine competing with Google’s real-time developments.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest thatFacebook users aren’t going to like the changes. Why? Because they cry like a little kid with skinned knee about every insignificant change to the site.

But Facebook isn’t likely to roll their eyes and call ’em crybabies — especially as industry prognosticators imagine a user exodus thanks to a more business-oriented environment. The brass just issued a detailed user survey regarding the new news feed and privacy controls.


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