Discover My Network Filters the Wisdom of Crowds


crowd_small.jpgADOTAS – “As a whole, I don’t consider crowds as wise, yet there are undoubtedly wise people hidden in the crowd,” says Gary Manfredi, CEO of startup Discover My Network (DMN).

Crowd-sourcing has become an attractive way for brands to foster engagement and harness the potential of social media, but it’s hard to disagree with Manfredi — crowds tend to be diverse both in demographics and taste, so targeting their input to specific users is a complicated.

However, DMN has introduced the fully automatic HumanNet Discovery Engine, which filters through the masses to match each user with his or her own network of “maven recommenders.”

“An album could become someone’s favorite based on a single vote by one highly reputable person,” Manfredi says. “Personal mavens are key to discovering unique and engaging media.”

The self-teaching system, which can be integrated into any media library, learns from each user action and the aggregate audience attention data to build better networks of recommenders for users.

DMN allows you to take it for a test drive with Discover My Muse, which analyzes 1.8 million Amazon user music reviews on 550,000 MP3 albums to target the tunes you’ll like. You can even share your findings and save them.


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