Crisp Applies Super Glue to Mobile Web Ads


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Big problem with mobile display ads: little screen, little ad. A mobile web browser can scroll on by as if the ad didn’t exist. How do you think that makes the mobile ad feel about itself? Pretty lousy.

Thus, Crisp Mobile, which is very concerned with ad self esteem, has introduced Adhesion, fixed placement technology that glues the display ad to the bottom mobile screen while a user scrolls. In effect, the ad always stays “above the fold.”

While this functionality was already available within apps, Crisp is introducing it on a mobile web interface. Adhesion also offers smartphone peekaboo to reduce errant clicks/taps — the ad vanishes while a user is scrolling only to reappear when he/she settles.

For a smartphone user, this may sound a little annoying, but with a few touches the ad can be vanquished — or expanded into a larger rich media ad, potentially the size of the screen,  if the browser be tantalized.

While Adhesion improves dwell and viewing time for ads, publishers also stand to gain by selling it as premium inventory. In addition, the technology is endowed for third-party service, such as ad networks and exchanges. It also features social networking, geo-targeting and data-collecting capabilities.

Hearst Magazines Digital Media is the first candy store with this new treat — Adhesion spots are available on the mobile sites of Cosmopolitan, CosmoGirl, Marie Claire, Esquire, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Harper’s Bazaar and Seventeen.


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