CPMs Shoot Up in Fourth Quarter on Rubicon Index


line_graph_smallADOTAS – While CPMs normally jump as the holidays roll around and retailers market like mad to attract consumers, the Rubicon Project reported a 34% hike in CPMs quarter over quarter during the fourth quarter on its Rubicon 20 Index.

Rubicon believes this increase on the index, which measures CPM prices and revenue on 20 of the most heavily trafficked sites, was more than seasonal and exhibited a general growing optimism in the U.S. economy.

While celebrity news, such as the passing of Brittany Murphy, helped drive consumers online and pushed up CPMs, audience-targeted buys in particular were big revenue pushers with rates running four times that of standard content and site-targeted buys.

Hence, the value of unsold inventory is being reconsidered as segmenting and targeting come closer to reaching their potential, Rubicon noted.

“As many of our partners and customers can attest, the coming year will be focused on the next evolution of the market and identifying solutions that garner revenue that’s aligned with value — driven by the shift toward a truly open marketplace with transparency and controls that satisfy publishers and their demand partners,” said Craig Roah, COO and founder of the Rubicon Project.


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