Commission Junction Vets Go Multichannel With Impact Radius

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launchADOTAS – You might recognize their names from Commission Junction, but five performance marketing veterans have pushed the envelope in their new venture, Impact Radius, which purports to be the first multichannel performance advertising platform

It’s a meeting place for advertisers and media partners interested in performance marketing in the mediums of online, radio, print and outdoor and television. Centered around a large and open directory, the platform features multichannel creative distribution capabilities and online negotiating tools designed to increase transparency.

“Traditionally, our industry has accepted a ‘black box’ approach to conducting business, keeping relationships hidden and key information contained,” said Cofounder Lisa Riolo. “If we want to create more opportunity and do more deals in performance advertising, we need a paradigm shift to this way of thinking.”

In addition, the platform includes client and agency performance reviews as well as the new feature Radius Pricing, which aligns value and cost across contributing relationships.

The founding team includes Riolo, Wade Crang, Todd Crawford and Roger Kjensrud and Per Pettersen of Estalea, who have many business launches on their resumes, including Commission Junction, which laid the foundation for Impact Radius more than 10 years ago.

“Performance advertising continues to gain momentum, but growth has been limited by out-of-date technology and business practices,” said Riolo. “With Impact Radius, we give media partners and advertisers direct access to the tools and technology that facilitate profitable relationships.”