Apple’s iPhone May Snub Google for Bing


bing_small.jpgADOTAS – If you were betting on who was going to strike next in the gestating mobile standoff between Google and Apple, we’ve got some news to make those in Steve Job’s corner rub their hands and grin.

According to BusinessWeek, Apple is in talks to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone’s Safari web browser. Currently Google is the default mobile search application for the iPhone; a user must download the Bing application or take the browser to to use Microsoft’s fledgling search engine.

This would be the latest attempt to minimize Google’s role on the iPhone; this past summer, Apple rejected the Google Voice app. Still, the smartphone comes with default apps for both YouTube and Google Maps — Google’s presence on the iPhone would seem secure for now.

And switching over to Bing is less likely to hurt Google than be a boon for Microsoft — according to Nielsen, only 11% of mobile users employed Bing for their on-the-go searches, compared to an 86% share for Google.

It does seem a bit ironic that Apple would employ the services of its long-standing rival Microsoft to flare up the competition with newer rival Google. Oh well — as a Sergio Leone fan, I’m always enthralled by a Mexican standoff.


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