Android Gains on Apple’s Mobile Web Share Dominance


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – I quoted from Quantcast’s report on mobile web share yesterday in the epic I wrote on Google’s and Apple’s mobile moves, but the report itself is definitely worth digging into.

The big news is that mobile share of web consumption up 110% in North America — to 1.3% of all web traffic. Well, that’s not mind blowing, but doubling in a year? Not bad — considering all these new Google Android-powered toys debuting this year, that’s likely to do double or better in 2010.

Globally, the share of mobile web traffic jumped 148% — consider that mobile devices are a cheaper way to access the Internet in a lot countries.  Lenovo is introducing this slick device in China this year — I would imagine the rest of the world will continue to outpace North America in mobile web share.

Quantcast’s own predictions for next year include a one-point increase in North American mobile web share to 2.3%, and for a near doubling of the global mobile web share from 0.95% to 1.8%.

No surprise, 65.5% of the web crawling on mobile devices comes from iPhone users, but the Motorola Droid has taken 4% of mobile web share since its introduction in November, beating out the Palm Pre. That phone alone is  responsible for Motorola’s  10 times gain in North American mobile web share.

Having surpassed Blackberry’s RIM OS for 12% mobile web venturing, Android now trails only the iPhone OS X, but by a far margin.

Now because the Droid is still damn fresh, one might be willing to discredit some of Android’s sweet numbers, but considering that the Nexus One was released to a standing ovation from the tech community on Tuesday — and other companies have Android devices arriving in stores later this year — I imagine Google’s mobile OS is going to keep creeping up on the iPhone OS X.


  1. >> That phone alone is responsible for Motorola’s 10 times gain in North American mobile web share.

    Yet poor, tired MOT has less than 4% of handset market share. They spent a hundred nillion bucks bombong us with offensive ads… to hopefully sell 1 million droids. Why not tape a $100 bill to every droid and GIVE them away?

    Did anyobe catch Sanjay Jha’s appearance at the Goocle event? To me, he looked like a drunken homeless man who hadn’t bathed or shaved in a couple days. What kind of Fortune 500 CEO doesn’t have the common sense to tuck in his shirt tails and comb his hair? That takes less than a minute– was Jha drunk?


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