AdWords Locks In on Specific Mobile Devices and Carriers


google mobile_smallADOTAS – Google is narrowing advertiser’s sights on the mobile front.  AdWords has enabled mobile campaigns to target specific devices and carriers — either from the U.S. or Canada. Supported devices include those operating with Android or the Palm OS and iPhones — no BlackBerry for you!

Google believes this will ease the mobile advertising process for marketers that have developed landing pages designed for specific devices or operating systems, billing relationships with specific carriers or mobile apps developed for certain platforms. In addition, ads linking to mobile app downloads will only appear on devices that offer those apps and the ad will show a download link instead of a URL.

Also Google announced that it has changed its method of selecting relevant ads for Gmail users. If no pertinent ad can be found that matches text clues in an open email, Gmail’s algorithm displays an ad that pertains to a user’s recent email.



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