Adgregate Targets Fashionistas With Instant Deals


shopping_smallADOTAS – Impulse shoppers and fashion addicts rejoice: Adgregate’s Markets’ ShopAds simultaneously pamper to browsers with itchy trigger fingers and those helplessly hooked on style.

Launched with, an apparel boutique that specializes in independent designers, ShopAds target exclusive limited-time deals to browsers of style sites such as Within two clicks, the fashion gem is in a user’s shopping cart.

In addition, Adgregate adds analytics such as dwell time and cart abandonment as well as conversion rates to create a better picture of a brand’s conversion funnel.

“To us, ShopAds provides more than conversions; it also enables customer engagement early in the shopping experience, so that they have the convenience of purchasing within the ad if they choose,” explained Moxsie CEO Jon Farhner. “ShopAds also imprints a potential customer with our brand, incentivizing them to visit our site later for further engagement.”

Adgregate CEO Henry Wong believes apparel sales will become a significant contributor to the company’s growth. Last year, Adgregate launched a campaign where mobile users could pre-order the movie “Inglorious Basterds” from their phones and introduced ShopCloud, which allows developers to construct portable and secure transactional applications even on nonsecure sites.


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