AdGooroo Turns the Tables on Domain Hijackers


fraud_small.jpgADOTAS – In every kidnapping/hijacking movie (except for Michael Hanake’s brutal and brilliant “Funny Games” and some other films that toy with the audience’s preconceptions) we all wait for it — the moment when the victims turn the tables on their captors. That’s the big payoff — your ire builds and builds until you pump your fist when the heroes one-up the villains.

AdGooroo knows that feeling and is effectively turning the tables for search marketers who’ve had their domains hijacked. Last week the company introduced its Hijacking Report, an advanced feature of the Trademark Insight project, which not only identifies illegal use of domain names in ad copy, but also points to the perpetrators.

Automating a grueling manual process, Hijacking Report finds ads that contain a certain domain name then filters out ads safe as deemed by a marketers parameters. What remains are the imposters — affiliates and advertisers trying to pass themselves off as the real thing.

All the marketer has to do then is roll up his/her sleeves and “take out the trash.” (It feels even cooler if you say it with an Austrian accent.)

As marketers toughen up when it comes to protecting their brands, the Highjacking Report is like letting marketers take the law into their own hands.

“Advertisers can now automatically identify and stop the black hat affiliates and competitors who deceive consumers by passing themselves off as legitimate merchants,” said AdGooroo Founder and CEO Rich Stokes.


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