2010 Is Looking Bright for Search, Display and Mobile


line_graph_smallADOTAS – The only online segments to emerge from the ad recession virtually unscathed were search and email marketing — neither put up fantastic numbers, but they didn’t drop to the icy depths of display revenue.

However, 2010 is looking like a year of across-the-board recovery for online ads according to J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan. While staying pretty flat with 0.8% growth in 2009, search is expected to gain 13.2% in 2010 and take home revenue of $16.6 billion. After suffering a 5.2% drop to $7.5 billion in 2009, display advertising is predicted to increase 10.5% to $8.3 billion.

But the real performer — although far smaller in terms of revenue — in 2010 should be mobile, which is predicted to leap 80% to $3.8 billion compared to an impressive 62% gain in 2009 to $2.6 billion. The highest percentage of that revenue will come from SMS advertising with $3.2 billion.


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