Yelp Abandons Google at the Altar


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Google has laid half more than a billion dollars in front of you. Why on earth would you walk away? That’s what people are wondering this morning as Yelp decided nah, it didn’t want to be acquired by Google.

Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppleman, ever the tease, apparently called off the wedding on as the two parties had agreed on a dowry — $550 million plus earnouts — and were finalizing the details (swan ice sculpture or Hera, the Greek goddess of marriage?). What was his reason? Um… Well, no one’s quite sure as everybody on the inside is keeping mum.

Google has made some impressive moves on the local front in recent weeks, including bar-code stickers for storefront windows and increased features for local business profiles. Yelp certainly would have been the crown jewel of this enterprise, especially as the search giant develops its own smart phone in addition to the Android platform.

While TechCrunch speculates that one of Google’s big competitors (rhymes with “echo loft”) whispered something seductive into Yelp’s ear to give it the confidence to walk away (would’ve been cooler if it was over the top like the wedding climax of “The Graduate”), CNET noted that Yelp users expressed their disapproval of the marriage all over the blogosphere (but who really listens to bloggers anyway?).

Either way, Yelp is going to stay single for the moment, though it’s still definitely high on the list of eligible bachelors.


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