Yahoo! News Is More Popular Than Google News


newspaper_small.jpgADOTAS – Everyone’s favorite media conglomerate curmudgeon, Rupert Murdoch of the monstrosity that is News Corp., pitched a fit all year about Google News to just about anybody who would listen. Conferences, interviews, bar mitzvahs — if there were reporters around, he was likely to bitch about that “parasite” Google.

But he doesn’t have such unkind words for Yahoo! — normally he’s pretty mum on the subject, which is strange because according to data from comScore, more people around the world are headed to Yahoo! News than Google News.

Yahoo! News boasted 138 million unique visitors in November, compared to a bit over 100 million for Google. Both Yahoo! and Google’s news sites have been sloping upward over the year, with Yahoo! jumping from 120 million unique visitors in November of last year.


Google News has actually had the biggest bounce, with only a little over 60 million unique visitors last year. It took second place from the New York Times digital publications around September; NY Times came in at 92 million in November 2009, while limped into fourth with 66 million. Still, the latter two both improved over their stats for last ear.

However, within the U.S., both and NY Times digital saw more unique visitors in November 2009 than Yahoo! News and Google News. Google News just tipped 20 million unique visitors in the U.S.



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