Woods’ Misery Is Yahoo!’s Gain (and Glee)


yahoo_smallADOTAS – After turning celebrities into demigods, the modern media’s favorite pastime seems to be dragging them down to the lower depths via some scandal or another. However, usually the media’s joy in this process is somewhat cloaked.

Not so for Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz, who wore her schadenfreude on her sleeve when commenting on the wonders that Tiger Woods’ overly public marital woes are doing for Yahoo!’s web traffic.

“God bless Tiger,” she actually said during an investor’s conference on Tuesday.

Apparently all the fuss over Woods has created a great deal of crossover content on Yahoo!’s sports, news and gossip pages, as well as the site’s front page. Surfers obsessed with the Wood’s scandal have made for a “huge” uptick in traffic and will help the company match its quarter guidance.

Icing on the cake, the typically outspoken Bartz noted that the Tiger brouhaha is bringing in more visitors than the company saw after Michael Jackson’s death this summer. Stay classy, Yahoo!.


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