The Nexus Is Coming! The Nexus Is Coming!


google mobile_smallADOTAS – We know you’ve been salivating over news about the Google smartphone, but can you avoid wetting yourself in excitement for one more week?

Google is holding a press conference on Tuesday, Jan. 5, and all the tech junkies are certain that the goliath will be unveiling the Nexus One handset. Sure, the release is just inviting the press to an Android-related event, but read between the lines people!

Apparently Google employees have all received one and an internal T-Mobile memo reported that Google will be launching a branded Android smartphone in early January that will be sold exclusively by Google. And the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off two days later — of course Google wants to be the talk of the conference.

So try and act surprised when they tear the wrapping off the Nexus One (am I too much of a geek for immediately thinking of “Star Trek: Generations”?) next week. It’ll certainly be a nice reprieve for Google from worrying about whether the FTC is going bring the hammer down on its AdMob acquisition.

Instead, look at the pretty pictures! And specs! Shiny!


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